Causeway Foundation acknowledges and honours the generosity of our donors

Foundation Golden Circle Donors (cumulative gifts of over $2,500 in the last five years):

Donna and Dave Campbell
Susan and Bill Van Iterson
Fred May



Foundation Leaders (cumulative gifts of over $500 in the last five years):

Dianne Breton
Holly Beanlands
Janice Hilchie
Greg Huyer and Scott Rufolo
Sui-Ling Leung
Julia Lipinska
Kathy McBride
Anne and Bruce Moore
Eva Russell
Richard R. Smith
Margot Sunter
Claudia von Zweck
Sheila M. Williams
Ian and Ruth Willsher



Community Supporters:

Banfield Agency
Bhat Boy
Bon Appetit Ottawa
Capital City Plumbing and Drain
Emond Harnden
Geof Burbidge
Gloucester Lions Club
Hintonburg 5K
May Court Club of Ottawa
Maker House
Orange Art Gallery
Paranis Construction Inc.
Terry Marcotte



Legacy Gifts:

Margaret Denstedt-Williamson
Margaret and Richard Hoff
Samuel Kayes
Hugh M. MacLean