About the Foundation

DoorsCauseway Foundation was established in 1998 and fundraises to support Causeway Work Centre’s programs and services and maintain and improve the building at 22 O’Meara St, Ottawa.

The Foundation is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors and employs one full-time staff.

  • Eva Russell, President
  • Terrena Bennett, Secretary
  • Simon Couvrette, Treasurer
  • Jesse Whatley, Director, Public Relations
  • Anthony Toffoli, Director, Fundraising
  • Sui-Ling Leung, Director, Fundraising
  • Richard Smith, President, Causeway Work Centre
  • Juliana Rodger, Staff, Executive Officer

To submit feedback or complaints, please call 613-725-3494 x 108 or email info@causewayfoundation.org.