Causeway has expanded its impact through an ongoing commitment to innovation

Through this commitment, Causeway has been able to support a broader spectrum of disadvantaged people, pilot new ventures that address community needs, and become a recognized leader in the area of social business.

Here are a few of our latest projects:

The Causeway Community Finance Fund


Causeway recently launched the Causeway Community Finance Fund which was developed by Causeway in partnership with Alterna Savings, Your Credit Union, and Frontline Credit Union to provide small, short-term loans at fair and reasonable rates to individuals who are looking to break free from the often burdensome cycle of payday lending. The CCFF is also intended to improve financial literacy and facilitate a relationship between our clients and mainstream financial institutions such as credit unions and banks. This unique initiative is one of the first of its kind in Canada and will hopefully inspire other organizations as well as financial institutions to tackle the issues around payday lending.

This is a pilot program and if you have any inquiries about eligibility, please contact our Intake Office: 613-725-3494 ext. 107.


Increasing impact through Innoweave
InnovationCauseway Work Centre was recently awarded a grant from the McConnell Foundation to participate in Innoweave, an initiative designed to assist non-profits to increase their capacity and organizational efficiency.

Causeway’s project will focus on maximizing social and financial return to our clients who are employed in our social enterprises by reviewing the entire process from intake to discharge and developing more effective systems and tools to help our clients to maximize the value they derive from working in a Causeway social enterprise.

Innovation to meet
ever-changing needs
“If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.”


Pour le service en français, contactez Lin Ouellette au (613) 725-3494  poste 107