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Causeway is a not-for-profit agency that helps people with mental illness and other challenges find meaningful, rewarding work and live more independently. By helping everyone overcome their challenges and reach their full potential, we are helping establish stronger and more inclusive communities.

Causeway was founded in 1977 with a mission to assist people with mental health issues find employment. Over 40 years, we have expanded our activities and our impact to meet the needs of a broader spectrum of people. We are constantly looking for new ways to innovate. This is the approach that truly sets us apart. It allows us to transform lives and change communities by piloting new community ventures and leading the way in the area of social enterprise.

Through the life-changing support of our donors, Causeway clients become equipped with the tools and support they need to find meaningful employment.



Causeway is an agency with an ecosystem that is comprised of a variety of programs, services, and supports. Each part of Causeway operates a little bit differently, but every piece works together to achieve one mission: Building better communities by employing each person’s abilities.

Causeway Ecosystem

Our Mission

Building better communities by employing each person’s abilities.

By helping everyone find productive and rewarding work, we are setting off a chain reaction that sends waves of good throughout our communities.

We envision a working community where everyone is invaluable. Invaluable means that your abilities and contributions are beyond value. The things you offer to society are more than just economic. By finding an active role in your community and working to benefit the greater good, you are creating new moments of hope, perspective, and meaning for yourself and others. You can’t put a price on that. That’s invaluable.


We believe that there is no limit to anyone’s potential. The right job is out there for everyone, regardless of the circumstances you face and regardless of your challenges.


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Our social enterprises provide valuable work experience for our clients while creating a more inclusive community for all.
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People in our community need people like you to make a difference. We are united by action. We’re united by our commitment to making community work and are supported by our Difference Makers. We’re trying to make the world a better place. Together, we make community work. Help us transform lives right here in our community by supporting Causeway.
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