Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Causeway is supported by a volunteer board of directors who bring a broad range of skills and experience to the challenge of developing and evaluating how our organization creates lasting change in our community. We encourage you to reach out to our board if you have any questions or if you are interested in joining us.

Together, we make community work.

2023-2024 Board of Directors

Our 2023-2024 Board of Directors is united by action to help make the community a more inclusive place for all.

Louise Boudreau

Board President


Director, Labour Relations, Department of Defense

Louise holds a Bachelor of Public Relations (BPR), and a Masters of Business Administration in Executive Management.


Louise was drawn to Causeway because her family was always involved with the Co-Op and Credit Union movement in Atlantic Canada, as well as micro loan programming. Causeway’s specific focus in social enterprise and employment support programming spoke to this experience, as well as the concept of giving people the tools to help them guide their own journey.


To Louise, “Work. Regardless.” means that everyone has a place in our community and together, we can provide space for people to grow and flourish.

Judy Cameron

Board Treasurer


Senior Director, Regulatory Affairs and Strategic Policy, Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions

Judy holds an MBA in finance.


Judy was drawn to Causeway because of its mission which focuses on building stronger and more inclusive communities by helping those with disabilities find meaningful work. Additionally, Judy was drawn in by Causeway’s continuous efforts to innovate and try out new ideas.


To Judy, “Work. Regardless.” recognizes that a disability does not prevent someone from making an active and valuable contribution to the community.

Stephen Willetts



Chartered Accountant, Former VP Finance, UWindsor, retired

Stephen holds a B.Sc (Hons), M.A., CPFA


Stephen was drawn to Causeway because it provides hope and support with dignity. He wanted to play a part, however small, in that work.


To Stephen, “Work. Regardless.” means no barriers – just hope. Causeway is here for you.

Anna Abraham

Board Member


Content Strategist for Hill + Knowlton Strategies

Anna joined the Causeway Work Centre board of directors in 2021.

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Michael Brownell

Board Member


Retired, Foreign Affairs/CIDA

Michael holds an MBA and built a career focused on international development and working with government and NGO organizations.


Michael was drawn to Causeway by the innovative use of social enterprises, using market mechanisms to affect positive social change.


To Michael, “Work. Regardless.” means valuing people as individuals and supporting inclusive work cultures.

Kate Faughnan

Board Member


Consultant, HR strategy & communications


Kate was drawn to Causeway because she strongly believes in Causeway’s approach; helping one person at a time find their way in the working world.


To Kate, “Work. Regardless.” means that everyone can work and make a meaningful contribution to our community.

Kylie Patrick

Board Member


Assistant Director, Donor Impact, Carleton University


Kylie was drawn to Causeway because of her experience working with people accessing Causeway’s services in a previous role. It was a great experience and she valued to the work that Causeway was doing in the community.


To Kylie, “Work. Regardless.” means support for anyone who wants to find meaningful employment in our community.

Oksana Kishchuk

Board Member


Director, Strategy Insights, Abacus Data

Oksana holds a B.PAPM and MPM from Carleton University


Oksana was drawn to Causeway through her first bike purchase in Ottawa from Cycle Salvation. She also heard about their employment programs from Pure Kitchen. Seeing the programs and mission of Causeway in action and supporting her community made her want to be involved in Causeway too.


To Oksana, “Work. Regardless.” means ensuring everyone in our Ottawa community has the opportunity to find purpose through work.

Sandro Ricci

Board Member


President, ASL

Sandro holds a P.Eng and MBA and was a recipient of the Forty under 40 award.


Sandro was drawn to Causeway because it provided an opportunity to give back to the community in a tangible way. As a member of the Ottawa business community, Sandro was particularly drawn to Causeway’s social enterprises because they provide meaningful employment and help to integrate more people into the workforce.


To Sandro, “Work. Regardless.” Means that everyone has potential and it is our responsibility as a society to help people achieve their potential regardless of the obstacles they may face.

Mike DesLauriers

Board Member


Employee Experience & DEI Programs Manager at Assent Inc.

Mike holds a BBA in Human Resources from Bishops University.


Mike was drawn to the opportunity Causeway offers to our community in creating a safe and supportive environment that encourages diversity, creativity, and innovation. In his view, Causeway enables individuals to bring their unique perspectives and talents to the table and make a meaningful impact.


To Mike, “Work. Regardless.” means finding purpose and fulfillment in one’s contributions to society, while feeling accepted, valued, and respected for who they are as a person. It is an opportunity to be themselves.

Jeff Burns

Board Member


Market Vice President, CIBC Commercial Banking

Jeff holds an MBA and is a CPA.


Jeff believes that locally-based social enterprises have a tremendous impact on the health of our community and touch those individuals with the greatest need. Building bridges to and maintaining employment plays a key role in a person’s overall wellbeing a provides sense of purpose.


To Jeff, “Work. Regardless.” is about creating an inclusive and safe environment where everyone has opportunities to pursue and maintain employment.

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