Building Better Communities

Jun 10, 2020

At Causeway, we stand against racism, violence, and discrimination in any form. We believe every person has the fundamental right to feel safe and equal in their communities. This is at the core of what we do every day in helping people find support and secure meaningful employment, regardless of their situation or challenges.

We value inclusion, respect, accountability, innovation, and integrity and use these values as a guide to how we treat people in our community. This is how we apply our values:

Inclusion: Value diversity and foster opportunity for everyone to contribute and belong. Consider the whole person in your communications, attitudes and responses.

Respect: Listen more than you speak and consider the impacts of your words, not just the intent and actions of your words.

Accountability: Check yourself for personal prejudices, biases, and stereotypes that may influence your behaviour with clients and colleagues. Remain open to change and growth from new information and perspectives.

Innovation: Strive to learn, imagine possibilities, and create change.

Integrity: Work and behave in a manner that is honourable and honest with all people.

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