Become a monthly donor with Bridge Builders


In an increasingly competitively granting environment, Causeway’s Bridge Builders give Causeway a source of steady income. You can make a difference in the lives of people with barriers to employment all year round by committing to a monthly donation.

Donna Campbell


“I have chosen to donate monthly because it is easier on my budget to do it this way. I am aware also that having monthly donors can make it easier for the charity to budget. Because I believe in the work of Causeway, I have supported it as a donor.”

–Donna Campbell


Join the Bridge Builders today and provide a bridge to independence for Causeway clients.

Your donations could:

  • provide bus tickets to allow clients to attend job interviews,
  • cover the cost of parts to refurbish an old bike,
  • provide new equipment for the Wellness Centre,
  • pay the salary of someone with barriers to employment as they gain job experience,
  • and much, much more.

Bridge Builders are invited to see the impact of their donations by taking a tour of the Causeway building at 22 O’Meara and enjoy a complimentary lunch from Krackers Kafe. To set up a tour, email Cumulative tax receipts are given annually.