Anthony strives for more


Anthony (right) receives award for his dedication to reaching his employment goals

Anthony (right) receives award for his dedication to reaching his employment goals

My name is Anthony and I was diagnosed some decades ago with Paranoid-Schizophrenia which was debilitating to say the least. Myself and my family were told that I would never return to school or work again and that I should learn to accept my early retirement and make the most of it! This was actually told to us by a social-worker some years ago.

For several years I believed this to be true.

One day, I decided that I wanted something better for myself but was unsure of how to go about it.

I learned from my worker at ODSP that there was a program for clients on disability to gain employment through a programme called “Employment Supports”.

Through employment supports I was paired up with an organization called Causeway Work Centre, where I was made to feel what I had been feeling all along, that there was hope to get a job with some support behind me. I came to the conclusion after accessing the program that it speaks volumes for the staff at Causeway as they have proven themselves to be very qualified to deal with my situation and that of others and that they are there by choice as they could be in the private sector in much more lucrative positions with their qualifications and it says a lot about Causeway itself to be able to attract this talent and provide these services to people like myself.

Causeway has given me the possibility, no guarantee, that I could someday return to work on a permanent basis and continue at school, this in itself is worth its weight in gold!

I currently work at up to four part-time jobs at any one given time with the help of Causeway and their respective social enterprises. I still struggle with the effects of the medications and weight gain, however, the more I work, the better I feel. I would recommend to anyone in a similar barriers that it is a win-win situation with Causeway.

Your generosity means that at Causeway, those who want to work can find opportunities to do so