Causeway’s Rebranding

Nov 27, 2020

You may have noticed that Causeway has a new look. We’re so proud to announce that, after a lengthy and thoughtful process, Causeway has rebranded with the help of Godzspeed Communications.

Causeway’s brand is built on seeing the value, skills, and abilities in everyone and matching them with opportunities that are the right fit. Regardless of the challenges they face. Regardless of their past. Regardless of their situations. 

Throughout our rebrand journey, we haven’t changed what we do or who we are. What we have changed our ability to put into words the impact our programs, services, and team members have on people who struggle to find employment because of the barriers they face. Our mission is building better communities by employing each person’s abilities.

By helping everyone find productive and rewarding work, we are setting off a chain reaction that sends waves of good throughout our communities. Everyone has value. Our holistic approach allows us to find the best positions that give people the chance to share their unique gifts with their community. 

Our ultimate dream is to see working communities where everyone is invaluable.

Invaluable means that your abilities and contributions are beyond value. The things you offer to society are more than just economic. The emotional and mental benefits of being the best version of yourself seep into every interaction you have with others. When you find the right job, you create new moments of hope, perspective, and meaning for yourself and others.

Everything we do is anchored around work because we believe that meaningful work is incredibly valuable. For people with barriers to employment, it’s not just about a paycheque; it’s also about seeing the value of their abilities and skills. It’s about finding hope and a place of belonging. It’s about building stronger communities where we see the potential in everyone. Regardless.

From November 30th-December 4th, we are hosting a week-long campaign called #WorkRegardlessWeek to highlight the importance of inclusion at work. Everyone deserves to have opportunities to find meaningful and rewarding work.

Causeway is committed to working with people to find work that is the right fit. Regardless of a person’s challenges. Regardless of a person’s situation. We help people find work. Regardless. 

Work. Regardless. means something different to everyone. But the core principle remains: the right job is out there for everyone, regardless of their circumstances. Share what Work. Regardless. means to you:

All week long, we will be promoting stories of our clients who continue to inspire us with their drive to find work, and exploring what Work. Regardless. means to our community. Make sure you follow us on all of our social media channels:

Together, we make communities work. Regardless.

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