As our partner, you can help break down mental health related barriers and assist people on their employment journey. 

When a company has a diverse and inclusive team, research shows that their employees are more innovative, engaged and creative in their work (ODEN, Deloitte).  

By partnering with us you are not only helping people on their journey, you are also helping Ottawa businesses find their next employee of the month, strengthen your brand, and attract and retain your employees. 


There are a variety of ways for businesses and corporate partners to support people throughout their employment journey. 

  • Corporate Giving

    Your generous support helps us run our programs and services, such as our Resource Centre, and assists in every day operations that ensure people get the support they need to find work, regardless of the barriers they’re facing. We are also looking for partners to work with us to meet identified community needs, such as pre-employment support, career development, digital literacy, and more. Could this be you? Donate today.


    Want to explore giving opportunities? Contact Nicholas Galambos, Director of Finance and Administration, by phone at 343-462-6383 , or by email at 

  • Hire Inclusively

    By 2031 we will have a 2 million worker shortfall and it is clear that businesses will need to enhance their understanding of disability to increase market share and meet future labour needs. – Conference Board of Canada


    Looking for employees? Become a champion employer and hire inclusively. Contact us at 613-725-3494, learn more here.


  • Employee and Workplace Engagement

    Help promote corporate social responsibility and increase team morale, by encouraging employees to give back to their community.


    Need ideas?

    Host your own fundraiser 

    – Bonus vacation day: host a raffle in your office for a bonus vacation day with raffle proceeds going to Causeway

    – Casual Fridays: collect donations for dressing down in the office on selected days

    – Contact us for a custom donation link, and ask employees to collect donations. Match their donations and give a prize to the employee that collected the most.

    – Plan a volunteering lunch hour. Have employees set up a Zoom call or come into the Causeway office to talk to our participants about their field/own personal work journeys.

    – Become an Ottawa Race Weekend corporate team and collect funds for Causeway! Click here to get started.

  • Office Socials

    Consider Causeway’s social enterprises for your next corporate get together. 


    – Need catering? Contact Krackers Katering here.

    – Explore Causeway Commercial Cleaning here and Good Nature Groundskeeping here for your office and property caretaking needs.

  • Events

    Help us reach our fundraising goals by becoming an event sponsor in events such as Race Weekend, Mental Health Week, Work Regardless Week, and more


    If you would like to learn more, please contact Nicholas Galambos, Director of Finance and Administration, at 343-462-6383 or by email at

  • Donate Goods and Services

    Donating products or lending your skills helps us provide participants with avenues to employment. Whether it is a winter coat to help someone brave the Canadian weather to get to an interview, or a pair of work boots for someone who just got hired, these donations can help give people what they need to work. Please check our list to see what we are currently accepting. Contact us for more information.  


    Host a virtual garage sale on GiveShop: an easy and flexible initiative that allows a business of any size to raise funds for Causeway Work Centre. 

Interested in becoming a corporate sponsor?

If you would like to become a corporate partner and support people on their journey to finding meaningful work, or would like to learn more, please contact Nicholas Galambos, Director of Finance and Administration, at 343-462-6383 or by email at  

We make community work.