Cycle Salvation Donations

Posted by: Causeway Work Centre
January 21st, 2016 • No Comments



Cycle Salvation’s revenues and the number of Causeway clients it can employ are both directly related to both the quantity and quality of the bikes it receives through donations. In recent months, Cycle Salvation’s Operations Manager, Paul Wylie, was particularly pleased to receive donations of some high class road bikes, including a Trek 2000, an Eclipse and a Guru Flite.

Donations of high quality bikes in good condition allow for the mechanics at Cycle Salvation to spend a minimum amount of time and expense readying the bikes for the road. The dollar value generated helps to make up for the bikes that require new parts and plenty of labor, with the retail sale barely covering the cost of the refurbishing.

Cycle Salvation is always happy to accept donations of used bikes, whether large or small, old or nearly new. Wylie asks that gifts of children’s bikes (20” wheels or smaller) or large quantities of adult bikes be delivered to either of Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore locations: 768 Belfast Road (near Train Yards) or 7 Enterprise Avenue (near Merivale). Donations of three or fewer adult bikes may be dropped off directly at Cycle Salvation’s location at 473 Bronson, or at Right Bike’s location at 1A McCormick Street near the Parkdale market.

If you are thinking of purchasing a new bike this year, rather than selling you current bike at a garage sale, or online, why not consider donating it to Cycle Salvation where it will help to keep their mechanics employed. Donors should call in advance. Cycle Salvation can be reached at : 613-288-1454 and Right Bike at: 613-722-4440