Dec 1, 2021
Board of Directors

Ryan Holm is a member of Causeway Work Centre’s Board of Directors. We sat down with him, (virtually, of course!) to ask him a few questions.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

A: I’m co-owner and CFO of an Ottawa-based technology company called Gambit ID. I’m also the husband to an amazing wife and father to our three young children. I’m passionate about helping build organizations and making them efficient, in order to deliver the largest possible impact to their stakeholders.

Q: What drew you to Causeway?

A: Causeway’s mission of helping those who are looking for work find meaningful opportunities, regardless of their predispositions, really resonated with me. It was clear that Causeway’s work was improving the lives of a substantial number of individuals in our community and it’s something that I wanted to be part of furthering.

Q: What impact do you hope to have through your role as a board member, both for Causeway and for the community we serve?

A: I hope to be able to contribute to Causeway’s continued growth and development so that more individuals can find meaningful work and improve their lives.

Q: Why is helping people with mental illness and other challenges find meaningful work important to you?

A: Meaningful work provides purpose, fosters a sense of community, and creates skills that are truly valuable for people’s entire lives. Seeing Causeway’s work firsthand, I know that all of these contribute positively to the lives of those with mental illness and can cause sustainable improvements in their lives.

Q: What does “Work. Regardless.” mean to you?

A: “Work. Regardless.” to me is an excellent phrase, as it’s simply is that – there should be opportunities for Work, Regardless of an individual’s predisposition. This is exactly what Causeway provides in our community.

Q: Is there a message you want to share with Causeway’s donors and/or community partners?

A: I’d like to thank all of Causeway’s donors and community partners for making the organization possible, as it truly has a significantly positive impact on our community. I’d also like them to know that the team at Causeway, led by Executive Director Hailey Hechtman, is doing an excellent job at trying to maximize their impact on the community. Every bit helps make this impact possible.

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