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You know that work can play an important role in how you think about yourself. You’ve experienced how it feels to make a meaningful contribution. You see how rewarding having a job can be for your self-esteem, independence, and sense of belonging.

This is why you are driven to foster belonging for every person, regardless of the challenges they face. You believe in creating working communities where everyone is invaluable.

Every dollar donated to Causeway is an investment in our community. By helping others find their perfect role in the community, you are creating new moments of hope, perspective, and meaning for everyone.

Your donation has the power to set off a chain reaction that sends waves of good throughout our community. With it, you are helping to build a better community by employing each person’s abilities. It’s not just a job, you are helping someone find their perfect fit.

You invest in people; so do we.


Erin’s Story

“I started my journey with Causeway in 2007, when I was suffering from mental illness and poverty. Unfortunately, I had to leave the program due to health issues, but there was something invaluable about Causeway that had remained with me. It was my character that was built up by the team.

In 2015, I was doing much better and returned to Causeway with the memory of hope they instilled in me. I found a job as a sales clerk at Value Village.

Barriers may always be in my life, but are much more manageable with the job skills I have gained at Causeway.

With their help, I have been able to talk through my doubts and helped me keep my job. I no longer feel helpless about finding or keeping a job.”

If you prefer to donate through other methods, we gladly accept payments via:

  1. E-Transfer:
  2. Phone: (613) 725-3494 ext. 121 (Monday to Friday, 8:30 am – 4:00 pm)
  3. Mail: Send cheques to 22 O’Meara Street, Ottawa, ON K1Y 4N6.

Thank you for your valuable support!

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Become A Monthly Donor

With more competition than ever for grants and donations, Causeway’s Bridge Builders help make a difference all year round. A steady source of income allows us to support our clients with a variety of employment tools and resources, and helps us plan for Causeway’s future.

Bridge Builders are a vital part of our ability to create positive impact. All monthly donors are invited to come take a tour of the Causeway building to see how their donations are making a difference.

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Other Ways To Help

Give In Your Will

Including Causeway in your will allows you to leave a legacy of real change in your local community. Help ensure everyone can find meaningful work – regardless of their background or their story.
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Donate Securities

When you donate securities through our CanadaHelps page, you enjoy tax benefits while investing in your community by helping people find meaningful employment.
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