Sep 27, 2019

Less than a year ago, Josh struggled to find work. He wanted a job where he could work with others and advance his skill set with an employer who could support his needs as an individual on the autism spectrum.

“I was just looking for full-time work — something I would be capable of doing. I do have a disability and I function a little bit differently. [At my old job] I couldn’t advance anywhere. I was stuck”

Josh came to Causeway after struggling on his own to find employment. Once he began working with his Employment Support Specialist, he knew he had come to the right place. It didn’t take long to develop his resume and start searching for employment in the community. Now, Josh is thriving at Thyme & Again helping with the packaging of their popular baked goods. He works in an environment that supports his needs and helps him learn and grow. Since starting, he has been given more responsibilities including preparing and baking scones.

Having the opportunity to see what he is capable of has given Josh the confidence to continue working hard at Thyme & Again. He is even considering going back to school.

“I find, Causeway to be different…[they] offer more community involvement. They’re not just a work placement agency. It’s a very unique program [and] it suits your individual needs.”

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