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Jun 28, 2023
Donor Story

Meet Lindsey, one of Causeway’s donors, who generously contributes on a monthly basis while also seeking innovative ways to bring friends together in support of community causes. Recently, Lindsey organized a fundraiser for Causeway on her fortieth birthday.

Lindsey standing at the store 'Mud Oven' on Bank Street

A compassionate and creative individual, Lindsey was born in Ottawa, went to school in Kingston, and spent 16 years in Toronto before returning to her hometown. Lindsey’s life has been filled with diverse experiences, from taking Classical Studies at Queen’s University to working in the events industry, and eventually transitioning into fundraising.

Currently employed at the National Gallery of Canada Foundation, Lindsey’s passion for art is palpable. She enthusiastically shares “I love all things art related. I love reading about artists. I love learning about art. I love going to galleries “

Maintaining an optimistic outlook, Lindsey believes in the inherent goodness in people and strives to give back to any community where she lives. “I like to believe that everyone comes to life from a good place.”

One remarkable contribution she made as a volunteer while living in Toronto was organizing a successful event that brought together bloggers, designers and women from social enterprises run by the Toronto-based organization, Sistering.

“It felt good to see the community come together, create together and raise money for the organization… It was a meaningful experience for all involved,” says Lindsey

Lindsey has supported causes through donations and volunteering, always seeking ways to contribute within her means. Notably, during the 2020 holiday season, Lindsey made her first donation to Causeway in a unique and heartfelt manner.

She explains, “I created an advent calendar… [For each day of December leading up to Christmas], I designed a digital card that I sent to a different friend or family member with all the reasons why they’re special to me, acknowledging that I was going to make a donation on their behalf ..” This distinctive gesture brought joy to Lindsey and her loved ones, fostering a sense of community and purpose during the holiday season.

Lindsey’s personal mission revolves around maintaining good physical and mental health while being a caring neighbour. She endeavours to make a difference in the Ottawa community by supporting local organizations like Causeway, whose mission aligns deeply with her values.

Lindsey describes her connection stating, “it spoke to me because work has always been important to me. I take a lot of pride in the work that I do. For me and my career it’s never necessarily been about reaching the next title, but it is about finding purpose [and productivity] in a day.”

Emphasizing the importance of empowering individuals, Lindsey states “it’s about providing everybody the tools and the support one needs to get to that next step to get into employment, whatever employment it is. At the end of the day, everyone deserves to feel good about what they spent eight hours doing.”

Recognizing the connection between mental health and employment, Lindsey explains “Causeway does speak to me because my mental health can be really affected by what my work day is like, or how productive I feel…. It’s about finding ways for me personally to stay involved, since, when I’m not involved and I’m not fully engaged, that’s when I can dip back into a negative headspace.”

For Lindsey, “Causeway is an organization that supports individuals getting into the workplace that face barriers that you and I might not face. Causeway is about getting people connected to tangible employment opportunities so that everybody can feel like they are part of the community.”

As Lindsey continues to deepen her understanding of Causeway and its programs, she sees great potential in social enterprises. Having witnessed the positive impact of such initiatives, she appreciates the opportunities Causeway provides to individuals facing barriers. Lindsey is also heartened by the support Causeway receives from companies offering work opportunities to program participants, recognizing the importance of community collaboration.

In her most recent endeavour, Lindsey combined her passions for community and art to raise $600 for Causeway Work Centre. She hosted an event with a meaningful title, “For the Love of Mondays”. Lindsey explains this title in the following way:

“Sunday scaries? Monday blues? For those who work, these feelings are probably all too familiar. But let’s consider the alternative…no work at all. Finding rewarding work can be an overwhelming prospect at times, especially if you struggle with challenges like lack of experience, disability, or mental illness.

That’s where Causeway comes in. Causeway is a not-for-profit agency that empowers ALL people by helping those with mental illness and other challenges find meaningful work.

Come for conversation, community and creativity. Everyone will have the opportunity to paint a mug in which to enjoy future Monday morning coffees & teas. A simple, handheld reminder that we’re pretty darn lucky to have another Monday morning ahead of us”

On Monday, May 29th, she gathered 30 people at the Mud Oven on Bank Street, to paint, enjoy snacks and raise funds for Causeway. The sold-out event created a warm, inviting, and joyful atmosphere as community members came together to create beautiful designs on mugs.

30 people gathered to paint mugs at the Mud Oven

Through her ongoing support of Causeway and her commitment to making a difference in the community, Lindsey exemplifies the spirit of generosity, compassion and creativity. Her story serves as an inspiration for others, encouraging them to discover their unique ways of giving back and positively influencing the lives of those around them.

You don’t need to be a professional fundraiser to make a difference. Your support can be fun, change lives and empower individuals to overcome barriers to work. Take action now and visit our DIY fundraiser page at to start your own fundraising campaign. Together, let’s build a stronger more inclusive community. Click the link and learn about making a positive impact today!

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