May 1, 2023

It’s Mental Health Week! This year’s theme is #MyStory so this week we will be sharing Causeway’s story, and the stories of some of the dedicated and driven people in our community. 

Causeway helps people experiencing a wide range of intersecting employment barriers, but most often there is a mental health component. When our mental health is poor, it can impact all areas of our lives, including our work. 

People with mental illnesses, disabilities, and other challenges represent a pool of untapped strengths, talents, and skills and abilities. As we forge pathways into a post-pandemic future, we have an incredible opportunity to shift how we work and it is critical to include people who have in the past been excluded. 

Our dream is for communities to be positive and accepting places for everyone. To build and find more workplaces free of discrimination. All people looking for work will be able to find it. Workplaces where people aren’t judged on what they can’t do, but are acknowledged for what they can do. Where everyone seeking to contribute is able to. A community where everyone is treated with respect and dignity. People searching for belonging can find hope. And workplaces where each person is truly valued by all. 

We would love to hear your story about mental health and employment. If you decide to share your story, make sure you do it in a safe manner. Click here to learn more about protecting your mental health while sharing your story. Hashtags that we encourage you to use are #MyStory and #CausewayWorkCentre.

The following is a list of mental health resources you can turn to if you need support.

The Distress Centre of Ottawa: If you are in distress and need help immediately, call the Ottawa Distress Centre at 613-238-3311.

Counselling Connect: Counselling Connect provides free access to a same-day or next-day phone or video counselling session. This service is for children, youth, adults and families in Ottawa and the surrounding area. There is no waiting list. You, your partner or your children may be concerned about: sleep issuesanxiety and depression, bullyingbehavioural issuesseparationrelationshipsgrief and lossdrugs and alcoholgender and sexualityadjusting to life in Canadaproblem gamblingand isolation and loneliness.

Kids Help Phone: An anonymous phone and web counselling service for children and youth. Call: 1-800-668-6868.

Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre: Supports and empowers trans and cis women, trans men, two-spirit, gender-fluid, and non-binary survivors. The crisis line provides service 7 days a week to survivors of sexual violence, supporters, family and friends of survivors. Accompaniment can be arranged through the Crisis Line to the hospital and police. Reach someone now by calling 613-562-2333.

For a full list of resources, see the City of Ottawa Mental Health, Addictions and Substance Use Health Resource List here.

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