Raising Dough for Causeway

Jul 28, 2020

Caroline Tseng, a former Causeway employee, has been baking up a storm during the pandemic. Her new-found love of sourdough, and recognition of a need in her community, prompted her to start baking for a cause. She began selling sourdough bread, sourdough pizza, cinnamon rolls and other delicious treats from her home in Beacon Hill, and within 2 weeks raised over $1,000 for our friends at the Gloucester Food Cupboard!

Now Caroline has generously offered to raise money for Causeway, which will help people overcome barriers and find meaningful employment. Caroline will be donating 20% of sales from her sourdough creations over the next few months to Causeway!

You don’t want to miss Caroline’s sourdough pizza dough! She recommends cooking it on the BBQ.

“The support from this community was absolutely incredible! During this journey, I [have] met so many wonderful people. It [is] a tremendous amount of work, but extremely rewarding. Thank you again for all the support, feedback and love!”  – Caroline Tseng

The next creation on the menu is a sourdough pizza dough that promises to elevate your pizza game. Caroline can be reached at carolinetseng@live.com or text 613-371-6629.

If you’re just getting started in sourdough and need some guidance, Caroline also gives lessons for a suggested donation to Causeway (in an amount of your choice)!

Thank you, Caroline! Happy baking!

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