Staff Spotlight: 5 Great Things About Justin

Jun 30, 2023
Agency News

Submission by Michelle Ball, Manager of Programs and Services

Justin Byrne is Causeway’s Keanu Reeves.

5. Justin is committed!

Justin takes cares of the Needle Hunters program.

A few things about Needle Hunters:

  • Needle Hunters has more staff than Causeway
  • Justin will usually provide the initial intake to Causeway, provides onboarding to all new hires, manages each route, provides most community supports all while appreciating each and everyone person on his team.
  • The program is so rad, they get request to send teams out through-out the city

4. Justin lives his values!

I may be a bit biased here, Justin’s values work to my benefit. Justin accepts people as they are and always authentic himself, he treats everyone with respect and dignity, he recognizes and understands struggles and Justin never takes more than he gives. We all know how lucky we are to get to work on the same team as Justin!

3. Justin loves animals the outdoors and heavy music!

Nothing else needs to be said!!!

2. Justin cares genuinely!

  • Justin never not offers to help.
  • Justin checks in to see how you are.
  • Justin always supports his teammates.
  • Justin loves to learn and teach.
  • Justin is an incredible dog daddy.

1. Justin is a rockstar!

Last year at around this time at our AGM after party, I went inside the building to my office. When I opened my office door there was this brilliant reflections and lights coming off my wall. I looked up towards the light and there hanging from my ceiling fan was a disco ball. I was so taken aback – it was beautiful! A few short minutes later in my excitement, I found out that Justin bought the little disco ball to hang in my office, anyone who knows me even a little bit would know my reaction, which is Justin Byrne you are a ROCK STAR!

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