Thank you, Ottawa Community Foundation!

May 27, 2020

“The funding [from the Ottawa Community Foundation] is a vital part of continuing to help our clients to believe in themselves and to play an important part in our community. And with that said, on behalf of the Wellness Centre family: thank you. Thank you for believing in our clients. Thank you for believing in our mission.”

– Christopher Kelly, Wellness Coordinator

We are thrilled to announce the Ottawa Community Foundation’s continued support of Causeway!

Like last year, the Ottawa Community Foundation grant went to support and improve our Wellness Program. These changes inspire positive change in our clients’ lives. At the Wellness Gym, we not only help clients get in but also help them build confidence and self-esteem.

Their generosity has already been quite influential to the development of the Wellness program. Their previous support allowed us to buy a brand new accessible workout machine, create a position for one of our clients as a trainer, and help teach youth the importance of active living. These improvements helped our clients’ mental, physical and emotional well-being. And now, we’re excited to continue advancing the success of the Wellness Centre and its clients.

This new grant allows us to keep employing three clients in the Wellness Centre, maintain the gym equipment, and continue providing monthly Wellness Workshops to youth. The Ottawa Community Foundation’s support benefits clients because it enables them to work on their physical and mental health in a motivating and judgement-free environment.

Continued Employment

Do you remember Larry? A few years ago, Larry had a poor appetite and couldn’t afford to eat. Through Causeway’s Wellness program, he was re-introduced to his passion for fitness. He worked hard and became a certified personal trainer.

Thanks to the Ottawa Community Foundation, for the past two years, Causeway has been able to provide hours for Larry as the Wellness Centre’s secondary personal trainer. Not only does Larry love the experience and financial independence from the position, but he has become a staple member of the Wellness program family. His abilities and work continue to serve and better the community.

Along with Larry, this grant has allowed Causeway to continue employing two more clients, who work as cleaning staff. We’re so excited that all three of them can continue making valuable contributions to the Wellness Program!

Wellness Workshops

Thanks to last year’s grant, we were able to start a monthly Wellness Workshops to Solutions for Youth participants. We knew that physical health goes hand in hand with mental health by boosting confidence and self-esteem. This year’s grant enables us to continue the program, which motivates youth to reach their full potential in all personal and professional aspects of life.

Gym Equipment

Finally, the funding we received allows the Wellness Centre to ensure a safe environment for clients. Maintaining the gym means annual maintenance at least three times per year, as well as ongoing repairs and adjustments to the machines. Consistent upkeep is essential to the functionality of the gym. By ensuring the equipment is well maintained, clients can continue feeling inspired to reach their goals.

We Couldn’t Have Done It Without You!

The Wellness Centre is a unique service that provides our clients with an opportunity to work on themselves physically and mentally in a supportive environment. “We give them a goal that they can reach to provide them with an accomplishment,” says Christopher Kelly, Causeway’s Wellness Coordinator. “Over the past two years, the Ottawa Community Foundation has played a substantial role in our mission and has allowed us to continue our important work.”

Currently, improvements have undergone minor modifications due to COVID-19. We look forward to the on-site Wellness Centre re-opening following the pandemic. Until then, we will continue to work as a team to build this community up by creating creative solutions to provide these initiatives. We are still delivering our services through digital platforms, and Christopher is even planning on going for walks with some clients to help keep up their motivation to work out – while maintaining social distancing, of course.

Thank you, Ottawa Community Foundation, for your devotion to building inclusive communities! Your support enables our clients to thrive in the Wellness Centre. It inspires them to transform the community with their unique abilities.

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