Nov 29, 2021

November 29th – December 5th is #WorkRegardlessWeek

Work Regardless Week is Causeway’s annual campaign to show the value, strengths, and abilities that every person has regardless of the challenges that they face and promotes disability employment. For almost 2 years, the way we work and how we think about working has changed. Many people now work from home, others still work in person, and many people experienced job loss, reduction in work hours, income loss and even new or worsening mental health challenges.

There is a need for supportive pathways to work because everyone should have the opportunity to find work. Part of the challenge is breaking down the stigma associated with mental illness and disabilities in the workplace.

It’s time that we start looking at people for the things that they can bring into the workplace. People who have a mental illness or a disability represent a large portion of people who are unemployed, not because they can’t work, but because they aren’t being seen for all they have to offer to the workplace. The stigma that people with mental illness and disabilities face in the workplace creates barriers. Each and every one of us have strengths, skills, and abilities that aren’t being used to their full potential. Causeway works with people to help them see their strengths and connects them with job opportunities in the communities.

When you give people the tools they need to work, you are choosing to see the potential in people regardless of the challenges they may face. Choosing to look at someone’s potential is what #WorkRegardless is all about. It’s about building better and more inclusive communities. Everyone should have the opportunity to work, regardless of the challenges they may face.

Regardless of their challenges.

Regardless of their situations.

Regardless of their past.

We help people find work. Regardless.

Help us spread the word and have conversations about what we can do to create more inclusive communities that see the potential in everyone.


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