Workshop: Seeing Your Strengths in Career Building

Nov 25, 2022

December 1st @1pm-2pm, join us in our workshop, hosted by Hailey Hechtman, to learn ways you can practice seeing your strength as a career development tool.

Have you ever gotten to the part of the interview where the employer asks you “what is your biggest weakness” and you just start sweating? You’re at a loss for words. You are intimately aware of all those things you are insecure about, but you don’t know how to talk about them in a positive way. Or maybe you have gaps in your resume because you were taking care of your kids or you just weren’t in a position to have a job.

We’ve all been there.

Despite what you may think, there is strength in weakness. One of the best tools you can have for career development is the ability to see strength and opportunity in your weaknesses or experiences. When you can see the strength within yourself, you are creating pathways to learn, improve, and develop new skills.

In this workshop, Causeway’s Executive Director, Hailey Hechtman, will cover ways you can reframe how you think about strength and weaknesses in the context of work, and how your lived experiences can translate to resume-worthy skills.

Register today and join us on December 1st at 1pm-2pm.

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