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Causeway Foundation is a registered charity committed to making community work by empowering and transforming the lives of disadvantaged people across Ottawa. Causeway donors invest in our mission because they believe in the impact, they believe in people, and they believe in the agency. They believed in Anthony.

Anthony’s Story

“My name is Anthony, and I was diagnosed some decades ago with paranoid-schizophrenia. I was told that I would never return to work or school, and I should accept my early retirement. For years I did. One day, I decided I wanted something better for myself.

I came to Causeway, and they made me feel what I had been feeling all along: that there was hope to get a job with some support behind me.

With the help of Causeway and its social enterprises, I currently hold four part-time jobs. I still struggle with the effects of the medication, but, the more I work, the better I feel. I would recommend to anyone in a similar situation that it is a win-win with Causeway.”

Making A Difference

People in our community need people like you to make a difference. We are united by action. We’re united by our commitment to making community work and are supported by our Difference Makers. We’re trying to make the world a better place. Together, we make community work.

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Board Of Directors

Causeway Foundation is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors and employs one full-time staff and one part-time staff.

Causeway Foundation Board Members

Stephen Willetts


Eric Thomas


Louise Boudreau


Kate Faughnan


Ryan Holm


Kylie Patrick


Andrew Vey

Causeway Work Centre

Causeway Foundation Staff

Juliana Rodger

Executive Officer

Hannah Glover

Fundraising and Administration Coordinator

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